Choose Boat Hire For Ever Changing Holiday Scenery

Boat hire for an inland cruise in Europe is a great way to experience your first boating holiday. You
choose your destination as well as the pace and agenda for the entire trip. Every day will be different,
cities, villages and countryside in one holiday, there really is something for everyone.

Experience The Pleasure Of Boating
The fact that the planet is over 80% water is well known. As well as the oceans and seas, there are
amazing networks of natural rivers and lakes, together with man-made canals. There can be no better
excuse to enjoy and make the most of this abundant resource. In Europe alone there are innumerable
opportunities for boating holidays with some amazing destinations on offer.

Boat hire

Taking a boat out on to the open seas requires some experience and qualifications. Taking a boat out on a lake or a river doesn’t and is therefore easy to arrange. If you can drive and steer a car, then you can consider yourself fully competent to take the helm of a boat on a river. Book with a reputable company such as to ensure you get good customer support as well as the choice of an excellent fleet of boats.

Boat hire comes in all shapes and sizes. It is great for couples, just book yourself a two berth and off you go. If have a larger family or group, however, no problem, book yourself an eight plus berth and take the whole family. Children will really love this type of holiday as there is always something to do or something new to learn and see. With all adventures you need to protect your identity and get the best identity theft protection in online.

Boat hire

Well Stocked

Everything you need will be on board including enough linen for each booked passenger and a well
equipped kitchen. Depending on the size and model of your chosen boat you may also find a microwave, a radio/CD player and even a flat screen TV. You will of course find all the safety equipment supplied such as life jackets and fire extinguishers as well as a handbook for your boat model in the unlikely event that you get stuck with something.

You can choose to hire your boat at a number of destinations across Europe including Italy, France,
Belgium and Germany. If you don’t want to go too far afield you can also book to cruise the Thames, The Norfolk Broads or the Caledonian Canal in Scotland.

France has an amazing choice of boating holiday options. Travel the historic Canal du Midi stopping
to enjoy the amazing Mediaeval towns and castles along the way. Burgundy in eastern France is the
place for wine lovers, with world famous vineyards along the route as well as world class restaurants
and plenty of art and culture. Aquitaine in south west France is also an amazing experience, excellent
French cuisines wherever you go, art, culture and wine. There is also the added attraction of a boat lift at Montech, an experience not to be missed.

Boat hire

In Italy you are free to explore the Venetian Lagoon and enjoy the fantastic climate from the beach or
from your own sundeck. Travel inland and experience traditional Italian villages where the pace of life is enviably slow and quiet. Italy is all about culture, art and architecture and you will see plenty of this along the way too. Don’t forget to stock up with a bottle or two of the local wine and it would be a crime not to try some of that amazing ice-cream for which the Italians are so famous.

Once you have been on a boating holiday, you won’t be able to resist going again and again. There are so many waterways and so much to discover.

Thomas Whittaker-Smith writes regularly on sailing and cruising holidays for a range of travel websites and blogs. Thomas and his partner particularly enjoy exploring European Canal networks and regularly booking their trips with

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